Applications for the Golfer


Welcome to the TeeCup Golf Services Application Launcher page. The application  runs on most smartphones.  Our Dynamic Launcher figures out what smartphone or tablet you have.  You then just press the Run IT button to launch the appropriate application.

Remember that you must have a smart phone device that is equipped with a GPS and you must have a basic data plan from your provider.

Some of the smart phones need a very small amount of setup in order to use the application but most need no setup at all.

We drive the application through your devices’ internet browser so you must have javascript enabled and you also must  have Location Services turned on in order to be successful.  Most smart phones already have these services activated.

The program is designed to work on most Blackberry, Iphone and Android devices.  Others may also work  as long as they allow javascript and have a GPS. 

 Press   Here   ( to launch the Dynamic Application Launcher to identify your device and run the appropriate TeeCup version.  It also gives you specific setup instructions for your device if required.

For Quick Start Help once you have the app running press Here



The application works well on smartphones that use Android 2.2 or greater. Because Android is an operating system and not a specific device the options will vary but our application will generally operate on any one of the devices that has a GPS.

The application also works well on the Samsung Tablet.

For the Dynamic Launcher press Here


The applications works well on all Iphone models and the Ipad.

Check the Settings->Location Services making sure that it is set to On.

Also ensure that Settings->Network->Enable 3G and Cellular Data are set to On.

For the Dynamic Launcher press Here

Once the applications has successfully launched then press Search to find the course ….ask the Proshop for the course name and you will be on your way.


The application works well on most Blackberry models. Specifically, the application has been tested on the Bold 9000, the Bold 9700, the Curve 8900, the Curve 8530 and the Torch 9800.

In general you need to check to make sure that javascript is enabled and that Location Services/Geolocation Services are activated on your Blackberry.  Open your browser and press the Blackberry Button (to the left of the roller/pad) and select Options.  In Browser Configuration you will see a Selection box for javascript. In General Properties you will see a box to Enable Javascript Location support. For the new Torch device these are already set On but can be checked simply by pressing Options and scrolling through the various options.

For the Dynamic Launcher press Here

Once it has successfully launched then press Search to find the course ….ask the Proshop for the course name and you will be on your way.