Software Products


Our current set of products are focused on the Golf Services industry providing the golfer and the golf course operator with range finder services combined with integrated course specific customer services.

Our initial focus was the development of products specifically for the Blackberry market but we have now expanded that offering to include all of the major smart phone vendors.

TeeCup – TeeCup Logo

Our initial product is called TeeCup and delivers a comprehensive GPS golf range finder solution for the smartphone market.  For more details and to give TeeCup a try, please visit the TeeCup home page.

Golf Services

Our complementary golf application builds on the experience and success of the TeeCup product and is targeted at the expanding golf services market.

It delivers a unique integrated service for  the course operator allowing him/her to provide the customer with an unprecedented set of services through the customer’s own smart phone while using those services to generate more revenue.

The service is always free to the golfer and very inexpensive to golf course operator.

For more information on our solution for golf course operators, please visit our products detail page.