Our proprietary base technologies meshed with powerful existing frameworks allow us to create applications tailored to various desktop and mobile platforms. We leverage widely existing support of HMTL5, Javascript, PHP and CSS in our development frameworks as well as proprietary class libraries. This allow us to reuse the complex pieces of these combined frameworks to create location based services based applications as well as rich application targeted for the smartphone environment.

Reusable Components

The key to creating reliable applications quickly is being able to reuse key components of very complex technologies which otherwise could take weeks and months to create.  Our concentration has been in creating some key components for GPS tracking and monitoring which can be used across various device platforms.  By doing this we only have to create an application one time and then migrate it to different platforms almost seamlessly.  In most cases the components are not changed at all.  We simply modify the format of the output slightly to make use of the features of the specific platform.

Best Practices

We have adopted the use of Best Practice methodologies when developing new products.  We use prototypes …. as test cases and not as the final product.  When a new capability is required in a product we design a reusable component that can be used in future products rather than building another unique piece of code.  Our latest set of applications for our Golf Services product has allowed us to create a number of significant break through components that will be available to other projects for our team or other development groups.