Golf Services for the Course Operator


We know, as a Golf Course Operator, you need to provide your customers with the best experience possible.

We also know that you need to constantly be looking for ways to increase your revenue and profits.

Our Golf Services product is designed specifically to address these issues by integrating services that your golfing customers will appreciate while they drive an increase in revenue for the Golf Course business.

Extend your selling opportunity from 5 minutes to 5 hours… and beyond…

Extend your selling opportunity far beyond the time that it takes your customer to be a green fee.

Our new smartphone service allows you to communicate and sell your products to the customer throughout the day while providing him/her with valuable and convenient integrated services including a free comprehensive GPS range finder.

Eliminate the need to EVER consider installing expensive cart based ranger finder units (over 500 million smartphones will be sold this year and our service will run on 80% of them)

KEY Features

    1. Provide your customers with a free smartphone based GPS range finder that works as well as anyone else’s
    2. For the Course Operator we provide a simple tool to significantly increase your revenues
    3. Communicate and sell to your customers after they pay their green fee
      • The billboard capability in the smartphone range finder allows the course to sell golfer tageted advertising space to their suppliers and vendors without impacting the golfer in any way
      • The hole by hole advertising/alert feature allows the course to advertise golf course services as well as course related messages to the golfer on the course.
    4. Increase revenues from your restaurant, pro shop and your food/beverage cart
      • The Golf Cart Requester maximizes sales on the course by alerting the cart operator of clients who need their services
      • The broader menu option for on course Take Out or Delivery provides a significant boost to restaurant sales
    5. Automatically create a mailing list of customers for selling opportunities
    6. Provide a better, more unforgettable golfing experience for your customers… giving them a reason to return

…All of this costs so little…