Sep 042011

I have been in the software development business for over 30 years.

I have always been paid well and sometimes I have been paid extremely well.

that is ….. until now.

It seems that consumers put little value on our skills and you gotta think that at some point its going to cause some issues.

Let me explain.

My daughter was complaining to me the other day about the Angry Birds game… one of the most popular games ever…..She couldn’t understand that they wanted $6 for it.

I almost lost it right there. I looked at her in her designer jeans and $150 shoes….. and I said in as controlled a fashion as possible…

WHAT!!!!!! Have you any idea how long it takes to make something like Angry Birds function. Have you any idea how many software developers are going broke these days because people like you refuse to 99 cents for an APP they spent the last 6 months developing.

She looked at me…. texted something to one of her friends…. probably about how her father had finally lost it…. smiled and left the room.

I have heard all of the stuff about how you need to sell in volume and find other ways to make money off of your APPs…. and I guess that’s right but you’d think that something that I have spent the last year developing and testing and documenting would be worth more than 99 cents.

I’m just sayin…


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